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Noonan Massage Therapy is located in Warminster and Willow Grove, PA and also offers house calls servicing Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia Counties. From your mobile phone you can go directly to our website or if you are in the area search by massage near me. Appointments may be scheduled here online (click here) and by telephone at (267) 961-2223.




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 Patrick ​Noonan, LMT

Tomorrow belongs to those

who fully use today.

Patrick Noonan, LMT

My clients (at Noonan Massage Therapy) in Warminster, Willow Grove and Philadelphia areas, appreciate the respectful, clinical, empathetic and intuitive approach that I bring to my practice. Rather than trying to a make massage happen, I believe in spending the time needed to just let massage therapy happen with experienced therapeutic touch (from Swedish Massage Therapy to Prenatal to Deep Tissue to CranioSacral to Medial Oncology Massage Therapy with Manual Lymph Drainage).  My strengths lie in my ethics, my integrity and my compassion, while assisting in the healing power of those I treat.  

​Patrick Noonan, LMT's Thoughts On Anxiety

I find that my mind tends to be consistently searching for something that it believes is needed to make me feel complete.  Unless I somehow interrupt this trend (i.e. massage therapy, mediation, vacation, etc.), I find myself in the same place (anxious, confused, reaching, etc.)…So recently, rather than attempting to continually push away my anxiety, I am trying to accept that I will always experience some anxiety in my life, so when it happens now I just, let it exist, without too much drama...this is of course a work in process  :-) 

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are.

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” ~ Lao Tzu

Noonan Massage Therapy Offers Integrated Massage Therapies Swedish/Deep Tissue/Prenatal/CranioSacral/Oncology MLD

Located in the Philadelphia Area, Warminster and Willow Grove

What To Expect

Noonan Massage Therapy offers integrated massage therapy modalities including CranioSacral Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage and Reflexology to assist in his clients' healing process.  By applying hands-on pressure to your muscles, you will begin to heal and feel the pain go away.  Relax, heal, unwind & improve your health with an energizing yet calming therapeutic Noonan Massage Therapy.

​Massage therapy comes to mind in my life when I hear one of these two words: relax and/or pain.  Noonan Massage Therapy uniquely integrates many specialized massage modalities to assist each individual massage therapy session's healing power with educated therapeutic touch.  Stay safe, healthy and happy!